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Traveling on Pesach? Fun! Setting up a kosher l’pesach kitchen while traveling? Not as fun. Transform your hotel, Airbnb, or rental in minutes with Dekal Kosher counter covers and actually enjoy your Pesach trip! Or, use the all new and improved  Dekal at home for an easy Pesach prep solution.


Whether you’re staying in a rental home for the entire Yom Tov or spending a night of Chol Hamoed in a hotel, one big issue on Pesach is how to properly use the kitchen. This is where Dekal comes in! 

The rolls of Dekal are lightweight and slim, making it easy to slip into a suitcase or be thrown into an already-stuffed car. At your destination, simply peel and stick Dekal to the kitchen countertops for ready-to-use counters and a headache-free start to your vacation.

But don’t limit your Dekal use for only your travels! At home, your kitchen’s look will be enhanced with Dekal’s choice of three elegant marble patterns that are both beautiful and functional. After an easy application, the covers are water, oil, and heat proof so you can use your counters worry-free for the rest of Pesach!

Spend time enjoying your vacation and leave the hassle behind. On the go or staying home this Pesach? This year’s NEW and IMPROVED Dekal has you covered!

Key upgrades for this year include:

  1. ALL-NEW product and material

  2. Proven residue-free formula

  3. 2x thicker, non-rip material 

  4. 26.5” Wide – fits all counters

Order now to get it on time for Pesach! Free shipping in the continental US on 3 rolls or more.


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