Swedish Online Fashion Retailer Blocks 42,000 Customers For Returning Too Many Purchased Items


    STOCKHOLM (AP) — Sweden-based online fashion retailer Boozt AB said Thursday it has blocked 42,000 customers for returning too many items they had purchased, calling their actions too costly for the company and the environment.

    Ask Kirkeskov Riis, a spokesman for multibrand online store selling clothes and beauty products, said customers who were indefinitely blocked had sent back items either because they don’t fit or because they regretted the purchase.

    He said these customers “repeatedly exploit the high service levels of free shipping and returns at the expense of our business, other customers and the environment.”

    In an email to The Associated Press, he said they represented less than 2% of “the more than 3 million customers on Boozt” but around 25% of the total return volume.

    ”By pausing these accounts and reducing unnecessary returns, Boozt saved approximately 791 tons of CO2 in 2022 which has eliminated the need for approximately 600 delivery trucks during one year,” he said.

    The e-commerce company is listed on NASDAQ and has more than 1,200 employees. Boozt AB operates in several European countries.

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    3 months ago

    Good for them. They identified the problem ‘customers’ and eliminated them . That policy needs to become universal.

    3 months ago

    Many firms in USA have been doing that for years

    Noble Member
    4 months ago

    Blocking customers seems like a great way to loose business! Would have been simpler to just charge a fee for more than X amount of returns.

    4 months ago

    They don’t have a Yiddishe kop!