Rav Dovid Cohen And Rav Nebenzhal Protest Missionary Event At Southern Western Wall


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A prayer rally took place Sunday morning at the southern Western Wall near the Dung Gate exit of the Old City of Jerusalem. The rally, sponsored by some prominent rabbis including Chevron Rosh Yeshiva Rav Dovid Cohen and Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzhal, the rabbi of the Jewish quarter, was a protest against missionary groups which had initiated an event at the site in which they declared their intention to broaden missionary activities in Israel.

The rabbis protested the “idol worship” taking place at the Southern Western Wall and stressed that people are obligated to protest the “desecration of G-d’s name” and to sanctify G-d in prayer during the course of the rally.

The prayer rally took place from 9 AM to 12 PM Sunday as representatives of 110 missionary groups arrived to discuss their efforts to maintain and increase missionary activities in Israel.

Protesters shout “go home missionaries” at Southern Western Wall, 5.28.23

"צריכים למחות בכל עוז": ראשי המיסיון יקיימו כנס בכותל

עקבות כך ש- 110 ארגונים נוצריים יקיימו בסמיכות לכותל הדרומי פולחן “דתי” המעודד מיסיון ובו יוכרז על הגברת הפעילות המיסיונרית ברחבי מדינת ישראל רח”ל, תתקיים על הבוקר (ראשון) עצרת תפילה ומחאה מהשעה 9.00 בבוקר ועד השעה 12:00 בצהריים בכניסה ל”מרכז דוידסון” כדי למחות על החרפה.

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3 months ago

It’s about time that we were more proactive towards these parasites.

When I was approached once by one of these senseless deluded individuals who outright asked me why Jews do not accept Christianity I answered that is because Jews have a hereditary abhorrence of idolatry and Christianity IS idolatry.

He seemed surprised at my answer; he had never heard this before.

He should have.

I then had to be specific and explain to him that Christians and Jews do NOT worship the same God.

We Jews worship the eternal incorporeal God of Abraham.
Christians worship the image of a dead and tortured Jew hanging on a piece of wood.
Protestants have a mental image. (He actually had to agree that a mental image is an image!)

No similarity between the two.

Christians and Jews have nothing in common.
Yes, we have a long historical relationship. But that has always been between [Christian] murderers and [Jewish] victims.

When we meet professing Christians it is our duty to point out to them that they are Idol worshipers; constantly breaking the first two commandments.

We should also explain to them that the covenant of Noah is still binding and that they are obligated to keep the seven Noahide commandments.

I also sometimes explain to them that the TANACH is ours and could they please keep their impure hands and distorted minds away from it. Their supercilious arrogance and unbounded conceit in pretending to know our Bible better than we ourselves do is simply revolting.

We should take the initiative and missionize them; not wait for them to come to us!