WATCH: Shalom Rotban, Who Suffers From PTSD And Ran Away To Jordan, Reunited With Family


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In an emotional reunion prior to the Shavuos holiday, Shalom Rotban, who had been missing for over two years, returned to his family after being discovered in Jordan by two Arab nursing students.

Rotban suffers from PTSD since 2012 when a rocket exploded near his Kiryat Malachi home, killing three people he had known. Since then Rotban had run away from home on numerous occasions but during the Guardian Of The Walls campaign in May 2021, with rockets raining down once again, Rotban disappeared without a trace.

For two years nothing was heard from him, but a chance meeting with the nursing students, Mohammed Nassasra and Kamel A-Talkat , who are from Israel and speak Hebrew, enabled Rotban to be located. The two attempted for hours to communicate with Rotban, until he finally wrote down his mother’s number and the students sent her a Whatsapp message with her son’s details.

They then hooked the mother up with her son and both started crying. “It was like a movie,” Mohammed said.

Rotban had been taken to a psychiatric hospital in Amman after being found on the wayside. The two Arab students were doing their training there and realized that the lost young man might be Israeli.

“I got my brother back like new,” said Yossi Rotban, Shalom’s brother. “I dreamed of this time but didn’t believe it would happen.”


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3 months ago

All the intelligent comments erased. V.i.n has become a bad joke.

3 months ago

Strange to publicize this

Active Member
3 months ago

“Strange to publicize this” Why? Because it humanizes several Jordanians? Because most of us believe (& rightly so) that most Arabs would rather kill us than help us (unfortunately, that this story had a happy ending, IS rather miraculous, because over 90% of Jordanians, [like Moslems EVERYWHERE], do hate us!