Mysterious Death Of Mossad Agent In Italy Boating Accident Raises Questions


    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In the last few days Italian news sites have offered various conspiracy theories surrounding the mysterious capsizing of a boat in a lake in Northern Italy Sunday, in which a Mossad agent was killed.

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    The agent, identified as 50-year-old Erez Shimoni, died after the accident occurred at the Lake Maggiore. A sudden squall on the lake caused the overloaded boat to capsize.Most of the passengers managed to swim the 150 meters to the shore and others were rescued by other ships but four people died in the accident.

    Italian reports say that there were 10-12 Israelis there together with Italian secret service agents. The Israeli survivors were hurriedly flown in a Mossad private plane to Israel. Italian authorities said that the incident was not a terror attack, but the location of the agents as well as their nationalities (which may have included others) raised speculations about the event.

    The official version claimed that it was a birthday party organized by colleagues from Israel and Italy, or a celebration of a successful joint operation.

    Local authorities are investigating why a boat designated for 15 people had 23 people aboard and were safety regulations maintained on the boat. In the meantime the Italian secret services cleaned up all of the apartments rented by Israelis as well as their cars in an apparent attempt to cover up details of the incident.



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    Dr. Alex Morales
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