Shin Bet Sting Operation Nabs Two Terrorists Who Tried To Buy Weapons From Undercover Operatives


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In a sting operation to prevent terrorists from perpetrating an attack on the village of Nachliel in the Binyamin region, the Shin Bet succeeded in nabbing the terrorists by luring them into buying weapons –  from undercover agents.

The security agency had information that the terrorists intended to carry out their attack on the day of the Flag Day parade in Jerusalem. They also knew that the terrorists were trying to obtain weapons to carry out their plans. Undercover operatives posed as arms dealers and made contact with the terrorists, agreeing to sell them weapons for their operation.

According to a Channel 12 report, the operatives succeeded in gaining the trust of the terrorists and arranged two separate but simultaneous meeting places for the deal.

In the first instance, the terrorist got into the car of the Shin Bet operatives and was shown the weapon. When he asked to receive the weapon the Shin Bet man overpowered him and other operatives arrived and took him for interrogation. At the same time another Hamas terrorist was counting out the money to pay for his weapon when he was also overpowered and arrested.

According to the report, 259 shooting attacks have been prevented by the Shin Bet since the beginning of 2023. One of the most successful methods is the sting operation in which terrorists are caught by putting their trust in disguised agents.


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