WATCH: Rockland Congressman Mike Lawler Explains Why He’s Voting for the Debt-Ceiling Deal

This undated photo shows Michael Lawler, Republican candidate for New York's 17th congressional district. (Randy Monceaux Photography/Mike Lawler Congress via AP)

WASHINGTON DC (VINnews) — Republican Congressman Mike Lawler released a video Wednesday, explaining why he supports the Debt-ceiling deal, aka the ‘Fiscal Responsibility Act’.

Lawler, who represents Monsey, New Square, and other orthodox communities in Rockland and Westchester, praised Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and said that the bill fulfills three essential parameters — it cuts spending, ensures that the country does not default, and it forced President Biden to negotiate with GOP leaders.

See the video:

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Dr. Alex Morales
Dr. Alex Morales
3 months ago

taxation is THEFT. Period. Shut the government down.