Law Giving Preference To Army Vets In Negev And Galilee Will Also Recognize ‘Value Of Torah Study’ As Criterion


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A bill dubbed “the value of Zionism” submitted by the Jewish Force party last week was postponed due to fears by chareidi MKs that it would harm the value of Torah study. The bill sought to implement practical ramifications for the “Nationality Law” passed in the previous Knesset.

The current version of the law will include a compromise with chareidi parties which will recognize the value of Torah students within the frame of the law.

The proposed law is meant to give preference to those who have served in the army in various sectors, including receiving lands and building permits in the Negev and Galilee. However the new version will state “withour harming the recognition of the importance of Torah study as stated in the Security Forces Law.”

In order to prevent the law being struck down as racist, since it gives preference to the Jewish population, the current law will include “the Druze population and other minorities serving in the IDF and security forces.”

The new law will therefore require government officials “when considering policies on construction on the Galilee and Negev to give consideration to the value of Jewish settlement including incentives for army graduates including Druze and other minorities serving in the IDF, giving preference to combat soldiers but without harming the recognition of the importance of Torah study.”

The new law has yet to be submitted and is under discussion between Jewish Force and chareidi leaders.


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3 months ago

No it’s paying them back for putting their lives on the line and giving up several years of their lives to
Protect even those that hate the state

Paul Near Philadelphia
Paul Near Philadelphia
3 months ago

Just handouts for votes.