Mayor Adams Honors Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce at Gracie Mansion Ceremony (PICTURES)


NEW YORK CITY (VINnews) — Mayor Eric Adams signed and presented a Citation to express appreciation to the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce’s activities and achievement on behalf of NYC.

In a citation conferred on the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, the mayor applauded the Orthodox Jewish Chamber and NYC’s vibrant Jewish community.

“New York City rises on the foundation of its diversity,” the mayor wrote, “and we are immensely proud of our vibrant Jewish community that contributes vastly to every aspect of life in our great city. My administration is committed to ensuring that people of all backgrounds, cultures, and faiths have equal opportunity to succeed and thrive, and the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce is a key ally in this mission.”

The mayor noted the broad scope and tangible impact of the Chamber’s activities and expressed his confidence that there is much more that he and the Chamber will yet accomplish together. “This organization works to support and uplift the Jewish community’s businesses and working professionals in New York and around the world,” he wrote, “and it has brought tremendous benefit to the five boroughs.

I look forward to the many ways that the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce and our Jewish community will continue to forge a better, brighter fairer, and more inclusive future for all.”

The Mayor signed and presented the award at NYC Jewish Heritage Month at Gracie Mansion in the presence of Jewish communities leaders who gathered together to celebrate Jewish Heritage Month by invite only at Gracie Mansion.

Duvi Honig, founder and CEO of the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce, thanked the mayor and his representatives for the meaningful gesture. “We are honored to receive this beautiful citation recognizing the work of uniting communities via commerce and our contribution to helping the NYC economy with job creation and business development,” he said.

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3 months ago

Brown nosing at its best

3 months ago

Once again a group of self appointed and anointed from Jews making money of nyc residents are scratching the democrats back and selling us out for profit

3 months ago

This Mayor deserves the honor that they are giving him. He has been so often trying to do the right thing. Kudos to Mayor Adams!