Chagit Leviev, CEO Of Leviev Group USA: Lubavitcher Rebbe Told My Father To Revive Jewish Life In Former USSR


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Chagit Leviev, president and CEO of Leviev Group USA and daughter of billionaire Lev Leviev, spoke at the Arutz Sheva Jerusalem Conference in New York, and discussed the philanthropic acts that the group is performing in Israel and abroad.

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“We’re involved in many philanthropic endeavors around the world. Our main focus was maintaining Jewish identity and we found that the way to do it is by giving Jewish education, and we opened hundreds of Jewish schools around the world,” said Leviev.

Asked why this is close to her heart, she explained, “We were appointed to it. When my father came to see the Lubavitcher Rebbe in the 80’s, he couldn’t speak, and the Rebbe told him that ‘you don’t need to speak a lot, you need to do a lot’, and gave him a mission to revive the Jewish life in former Soviet Union.”

On the impact of her philanthropic acts, Leviev said, “25 years ago, many of the Jewish families who lived in the Soviet Union immigrated to the US or Israel, so we established schools to help the children integrate in the Israeli community. And here what we’re doing is helping families go to Jewish schools because they’re pricey.”

“My father decided to open the first free Jewish school in America. Today we have thousands of graduates of that school in a couple of locations. You see students who graduated from the school signing their children to the school and they really want to be involved in all the philanthropic endeavors.”

“I much more choose to focus on my Jewishness and not my political views because I look to bring people closer and not say ‘I believe in A and you believe in B’. Social media is an amazing platform for promoting philanthropic purposes,” she explained.

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1 year ago

Her father ,a crook, was wanted in Israel, USA, and Great Britain. He had his “company” work out a plea deal. Remember the TV expose of his employees etc testifying how he cheated and smuggled? His alleged charity is to install his Chabad cronies or to settle scores… in Queens NY where he hated his very Choshuv cousin and took over the shul to trash that cousin. Not a family to be proud of.

1 year ago

Her father bankrupted a huge company in israel costing bondholders 7 billion shekel, and then fled to London.
He’s now saving jewish identity.