POLITICAL HOCK: Why doesn’t CUNY have the right to free speech? Free crack pipes in NYC.


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NEW YORK (VIN Podcast) — Democrats have set up vending machines in New York City which dispense free crack pipes and other drug paraphernalia, and maybe even free syringes. (This is not a Babylon Bee headline).

ALSO: Why don’t the antisemites at CUNY deserve free speech based on the first amendment?

CNN forced CEO Chris Licht to resign. We will tell you the REAL reason Licht was despised by his staff, despite increasing the ratings at his abysmal ‘fake news’ channel.

Mayor Eric Adams is offering homeowners and houses of worship money to host illegals. (You cannot make this stuff up.) President Trump congratulated Kim Jong Un on joining the WHO, and now Republicans are having a meltdown.

Iran has been chosen to lead a UN forum on Human rights. Plus Iran has been named VP of UN General Assembly. The Republican party has announced plans for the first primary debate–including the rules needed to qualify.

Yaakov M is the Charedi Sean Hannity.

His columns have been featured in Newsmax and many other sites. He’s hosted a podcast for 15 years, studied in Kollel 14 years, was a Bais Medrash Rebbi over a decade, and obtained smicha from a top Rosh Yeshiva. (Opinion do not necessarily reflect Daas Torah.) If you’re tired of boring or fake news, you will love this podcast.

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