Public School or Yeshiva: U Make the Difference!


67 schools. Thousands of children.
Children choosing a Torah education over Public School.
But Shuvu needs your help to continue its mission.

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B’H, for this new school year, registration to Shuvu schools grew by double digits! Children from non-religious homes are flocking to Shuvu. They will learn to say Shema. They will learn about Shabbos. And when the children come back, many of their families come back to Yiddishkeit as well.

At a cost of approximately $2,100 per child after government education programs, we need your help to raise $2.4 million dollars. This Aseres Y’mei Teshuva, receive the Brachos of the many Gedolim who embrace Shuvu’s mission, and more so, receive the great Zechus of Torah and Tefillah of thousands of children in Shuvu.

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