Heartbreaking: Frum boy gets second degree burns all over his body after accident


A terrible accident happened to our two-year-old son שמעון in the bath tub. He accidentally turned the hot water knob, causing himself second-degree burns all over his body! He was hospitalized and treated for injuries. For a long while, he was in intensive care and was in critical condition. Baruch Hashem, he is in stable condition, but needs constant medical treatment.

Our son is starting a series of skin graft surgeries that he desperately needs. We are asking you from the depths of our hearts to help us pay for the many medical bills and to keep our house running.

The situation is critical, and we need to heal him immediately. Between us, we switch off to be with our son day and night!

Please give our son a chance to get proper medical care! CLICK HERE TO DONATE

Your donation is crucial to his recovery. It will count as a tremendous זכות for the יום הדין.

May Hashem bless you! Your Tefilos will help him tremendously. Please Daven for אלתר שמעון אליעזר ליפה בן רחל לרפו”ש בתוך שער חולי ישראל.

Meir & Rochel


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