World’s Largest Sukkah Built in Jerusalem

Israelis enjoy the large Sukka at the Safra Square by the Jerusalem Municipality, on October 12, 2014. Many families took to the streets of the city to enjoy their Sukkot week-long holiday. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90 *** Local Caption ***

ISRAEL (VINnews) — The “world’s largest sukkah” will once again be assembled in Jerusalem this year. The Mayor of Jerusalem’s Sukkah will be located in Safra Square, and be open to the public on Chol Hamoed for free admission, in addition to other times.

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The sukkah will offer a variety of activities, including workshops, plays and other performances for all ages

The sukkah will cover 800 square meters and fit 650 people. A team of engineers and designers have spent weeks working on the planning and design, developing safety measures, and choosing decorations.

There will be a variety of workshops and activities for the whole family, such as plays, musical performances, virtual reality, a balloon workshop, as well as performances by children’s show star “Little Michal” mentalist Assaf Salomon, the “Yishai’s Friends” children’s show, the “Pirchei Yerushalayim” choir, Moshe Peled, the “Underdos” comedy troupe,, Chaim Israel, and others.

The walls of the Sukkah will be decorated with pesukim about Yerushalayim as well as spectacular photos of the city.

With many thousands of visitors planning to come to Jerusalem for the Chag, the city is pulling out all the stops, coordinating events, festivities and activities, as well as beautiful lights and decorations.

In a statement, the Municipality of Jerusalem said, “Jerusalem is celebrating the holiday! The city of Jerusalem greets the residents of the capital and welcomes pilgrims with a celebration of illumination as well as many diverse events that are free of charge. We have invested a lot of thought, attention, and resources to bring joy to residents of the city and visitors, enhance the special experience in our capital, and welcome the Sukkot holiday in a festive manner. We have prepared a rich and diverse program for the whole family throughout the city, with events and ceremonies in the spirit of the holiday, along with cultural and art events for the whole family. The Municipality of Jerusalem invites all residents and visitors to take part in the many events that will be held during Sukkot all over the city, first and foremost the Sukkah in Safra Square and the Jerusalem March.”

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Sukkah

Interestingly, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem is assembling the largest indoor sukkah in the world, measuring about 400 square meters in area and five meters high. The sukkah is located in the hotel’s lobby, under a retractable glass ceiling.

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9 months ago

so jerusalem has the worlds largest succah accommodating 650 people ?
were you ever in Monroe, New York or in Bobov ? just wondering.