WATCH: IDF Finds Evidence From Hostages Stay In Shifa Hospital And Tunnels


    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — For the first time, IDF forces operating in Gaza allowed journalists to enter the tunnels under Al-Shifa hospital. At the same time the IDF showed incontrovertible evidence both that the tunnels served as command centers for soldiers but also that the captured Israelis had definitely passed through the hospital and its tunnel system on their way into captivity.

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    The journalist from Israel’s Kan 11 news outlet also entered the area beyond the blast-proof door which had been forced open by the IDF only the day before. The tunnels have all the trappings of a home, including bathrooms, air conditioning and sinks with running water.

    Among the items found by the IDF were displayed Israeli-style sandals and a bag with the caption “60 years to Beeri”, as well as Israeli soldiers weaponry and flak jackets – all testifying to the Israelis who had passed through the hospital compound.

    The journalist also asked local residents about how they are treated by the IDF (they answered positively) and by Hamas (less positively).

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