Hostages Describe Ordeal: ‘We Subsisted On Rice For 2 Weeks, Nearly Lynched In Rafah’


    JERUSALEM (VINnews) —The hostages released Friday evening have started speaking to members of their communties, recounting their experiences while in Hamas captivity in Gaza.

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    Contrary to reports, not all of the hostages released on Friday were held captive together, so each of them has a different story.

    Channel 12 News reported that the hostages stated that during the trip to Rafah Crossing, rocks and other objects were thrown at them. They feared they would be subjected to a lynching, and feared for their lives as they were taken to freedom, and this explains their frightened expressions as they were released from captivity.

    The Monder family related that they had not been tortured but on many occasions had to wait up to two hours to use the bathroom facilities.

    The hostages also said that in the past two weeks in captivity, all of the food was used up, other than the rice, and so they lost weight. Chana Katzir, who Islamic Jihad claimed had died in captivity, was released Friday, and discovered only upon her return to Israel that her husband, Rami, had been killed and her son kidnapped.

    Ruth Monder, 78, who was released Friday night, said that when she returned to Israel she was informed that her husband Avraham was kidnapped and held by Hamas, and that her son, Ro’ee, had been murdered. “I don’t know how they murdered him, what they did to him,” she said.

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