WATCH: Family Asher Reunified After Hostage Release, Ohad Monder Greets Father


    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — At least for some families, the hostage release on Friday night led to a happy reunification.

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    The Asher family had been separated after mother Doron and her two daughters Raz (4.5) and Aviv (2.5), who were taken into captivity on October 7th, were released and reunified with their father Yoni Asher. The mother and daughters, who are from the center of the country, had been visiting relatives at Nir Oz.

    The emotional reunion which took place at the Schneider children’s hospital where the children were taken for examination, was captured on camera. One of the children said that she had dreamt that she was back with her father, a dream which has now BH come true.

    The family had been profiled by actress Ginnifer Goodwin (a Jewish actress from Memphis), who decided  to be the voice of Raz Asher. Goodwin championed the case of Asher, her mother Doron and her 2-year-old sister Aviv on her social media pages, presenting their pictures and demanding their immediate return.

    Another family overjoyed by the reunion is the Monder family, where three generations returned from captivity- Ruth (78), Keren (54) and 9-year-old Ohad. However their reunion is marred by Ruth’s husband Avraham who is still in captivity. The seniors are also members of Kibbutz Nir Oz.

    Ohad greeting his father for the first time after his release from captivity

    85-year-old Yaffa Adar became famous after she was taken into captivity on a scooter. The Holocaust survivor was released and can be seen here with beaming family members.



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    3 months ago

    Boruch matir asurim!

    3 months ago

    Israel needs to block these videos from being shown to the world. Showing hostages released gives Hamas Y”S an appearance as civilized decent people when in fact they are bloodthirsty terrorists.
    This is not good for Israel to show.