Refusing to Leave Captivity Without Her Husband, Hamas Threatened Her


    JERUSALEM (JNS) – Rimon Buchstab, a 36-year-old woman who was held hostage by Hamas, was released on Tuesday after 50 days in Gaza. Her husband Yagev, remains in Hamas captivity.

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    According to a relative of Yagev, Rimon shared a message from her partner: “He wanted to tell us that he loves us.”

    The relative added:  “She was with Yagev throughout the entire captivity. It was easier for them. When they told her she was being released, she didn’t want to go. She told them, ‘Either we leave together, or I stay here, and no one gets released.’

    “The Hamas terrorists told her, ‘You have two options: Either get released willingly or we’ll drag you on the floor.’ They didn’t leave her a choice. She looks much skinnier than she was before she was captured.”

    The relative continued: “We are very happy and excited that our daughter-in-law is back. That she is finally home. We believe that Yagev will also return soon. Everyone will return home.”

    Netta Heiman, daughter of Ditzah Heiman, 84, from Nahal Oz, who was returned on Tuesday and was sent to medical checkups at the Sheba Medical Center said: “There was great joy in meeting her, but at the same time, she did not receive medication in captivity, and the sanitary conditions were very bad.

    “We are concerned about those who remain there. Kibbutz Nir Oz has 43 people still remaining in captivity–including elderly. Everything must be done to bring them back quickly, even if it means releasing more prisoners and another ceasefire.”

    Netta added: “We waited a long time for this moment. Too much time. She did not receive any medication, and no one from the Red Cross visited her.

    “Her story illustrates how important it is to get everyone out of there at any cost. These are people who were kidnapped from their homes in pajamas and barefoot.”

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    International observer
    International observer
    2 months ago

    The Red Cross is an arm of Hamas.

    2 months ago

    Notice they didn’t produce a video of this, i wonder why?