Mrs. Susan Levitin ע”ה ???? ???? ?? ??? ????

Family getting up: Shacharis: 7:30 amMincha: 5:30 pmMaariv: 5:50 pm
Rabbi Binyomin Levitin
Rabbi Reuven Levitin
Mrs. Shaindy Levin
Israeli Whatsapp number 052-523-9226
Rabbi Moshe Levitin
Sitting Shiva in Detroit until after Shacharis Thursday morning. Sitting Shiva in Lakewood
Thursday 4:30 PM through Friday 3:00 PM.
Thursday Tefilla Zmanim: Mincha 5 PM Maariv 9 PM
Friday Tefilla Zmanim: Shacharis 8 AM
Mincha 1 PM
Rabbi Avrohom Levitin
Mrs. Chaya S Atlas

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The Judge
The Judge
4 months ago

Mrs. Levitin was a brilliant and great lady. She taught in Bais Yakov of Detroit for 58 years and had 3 generations of students.