Chabad Teacher Dies Of Heart Attack Two Months After His Brother Fell In Gaza


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — BDE: The Chabad community mourns the death of 39-year-old Rabbi Nadav Yehuda Natan from the city of Charish. Rabbi Natan’s younger brother Yissachar HyD fell in battle with the Hamas terrorists two months ago, and friends of Rabbi Natan said that he was heartbroken at his brother’s death and died of a sudden cardiac arrest.

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Yissachar Natan HyD

He is survived by his wife and six children, as well as his parents, Rav Avishai and Leah Natan, who are among the founding members of the Nachalas Har Chabad community in Kiryat Malachi.

Rabbi Nadav Yehuda Natan was a rebbe at the Chabad Talmud Torah in Chadera. His friends described him as a “stellar educator and a sweet and special person.”

Hundreds of people demonstrated in Jerusalem due to police demands to perform an autopsy on the body of Rabbi Natan, although Zaka officials say that the cause of death is already known.

May his memory be blessed.

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Find &B"DH Eliminate Mission
Find &B"DH Eliminate Mission
12 days ago

So much pain, beyond words

10 days ago

Only the Chabad community mourns?

11 days ago

BD”E. The obvious question is how many shots he got.