El Al Gives IDF Soldiers Free Vacation Tickets


    (JNS) – Israeli flagship carrier El Al announced on Tuesday the gifting of free airline tickets to Europe to IDF soldiers who have served in the ongoing war against Hamas.

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    “As a company that enlisted in the national effort at the very beginning of the war, we feel it is our obligation to give back to those who contributed to the country and defense during this period,” according to a statement by El Al.

    Soldiers are eligible for the free tickets if they spent 30 or more days on active service since the Oct. 7 massacre and are existing members of or join the airline’s frequent flyer club. Those qualifying will only need to pay airport taxes.

    Registration to receive the coupon code for the free flights is open until Feb. 26 or until stocks last, according to the company, and can be redeemed until Feb. 29 for flights departing Israel any time between May 5, 2024, and Feb. 17, 2025.

    The possible destinations: Vienna, Austria; Thessaloniki or Athens, Greece; Sofia, Bulgaria; Paphos or Larnaca, Cyprus; Budapest, Hungary; Bucharest, Romania; or Zurich, Switzerland.

    Following Hamas’ Oct. 7 assault, Israeli carriers, including El Al, added flights to accommodate the influx of reservists converging on the country due to the mobilization of some 360,000 troops.

    One El Al plane that arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport on Oct. 24 wasn’t filled with passengers or suitcases. The charter flight—which was delivering medical supplies—placed photos of hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza on the seats.

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    2 months ago

    This is a beautiful and generous gesture to show appreciation to the people laying down their lives for the Jewish people .

    The military takes care of their own
    The military takes care of their own
    2 months ago

    Why are they getting special preference? The average struggling Yid doesn’t deserve it?