R’ Yehuda Levin ז”ל R’ Yisroel Yehuda ben R’ Moshe HaLevi

Family getting up:

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the Judge
the Judge
30 days ago

Yehuda has been a close chaver of mine since 1968 when we learned together in Bais Hatalmud in Yerushalayim. When he came to America in the summer of 1972, we travelled around together to my home in Chicago. Later, we went to Toronto together to Ner Israel, but he left after Elul and went to Lakewood. We both got married around the same time and were at each other’s chasunas in NY in 1975. Over the years we would see each other often in Lakewood and often my wife and me would stay in the guest rooms in his basement on 11th St. The article failed to mention that he was a tremendous Talmid Chochom, maybe even an illuy in learning, not quite like his brother Rav Eliyahu. He didn’t just start learning after he retired, he had been a tremendous masmid even while he ran his business. Reb Yehuda will be sorely missed by me, all his friends and family.