NY Mets Player Adorned with Jewish Star and Necklace Supporting Hostages


QUEENS (VINnews) — NY Mets outfielder Harrison Bader was spotted during a Mets home game at Citi Field, showing his support for Israel and the Jews. Immediately after Bader got a big hit on Monday, a closeup showed the former Yankee wearing a Magen David symbol on his belt.

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Podcaster Nachi Gordon tweeted: “Harrison Bader clears the bases with a game winning double for Mets tonight.. but that isn’t the story.. look closely at his belt. 🇮🇱”

Another video shows Bader in Florida during spring training in March, proudly showing off the necklace that he wears for the hostages in Gaza. It was given to him by a Jewish fan at one of the games, and Harrison thanked the fan profusely for the gift.

According to reports, Bader’s father is Jewish.

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1 month ago

He may just end up being the MVP!