Netanyahu: Gaza Campaign ‘Choice Between Freedom And Prosperity Or Despair, Murder And Violence.

FILE - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting in the prime minister's office in Jerusalem, June 25, 2023. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office says the Israeli leader will undergo surgery on Sunday for a hernia. (Abir Sultan/Pool Photo via AP, File)

“It is us, Israel, or them, the monsters of Hamas,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed in his speech at the state’s main Memorial Day event at the Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem.

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Israel is mourning the 25,040 people killed in its wars and in acts of hostility against citizens during the course of its 76-year history. Ceremonies took place after the 11 AM memorial siren in military cemeteries around the entire country.

Netanyahu added that the campaign in Gaza is the ‘choice between freedom and prosperity versus despair, murder, and violence.

“We are determined to win in this struggle,”  Netanyahu said, speaking to a crowd of senior ministers, chief rabbis, the IDF chief of staff, diplomats, and bereaved families.

“We will achieve the goals of victory, first and foremost, bringing all of our hostages home,” pledged Netanyahu.

He said that unity is key in the war, which has says is a continuation of Israel’s War of Independence.

“Only together we will win,” he concluded.

At a Memorial Day ceremony for fallen members of the Shin Bet, agency chief Ronen Bar vowed that the security service will learn from its failures in the lead-up to Hamas’s October 7 terror onslaught.

Shin Bet chief Ronen Bar speaks at a Memorial Day ceremony at the agency's headquarters in Tel Aviv, May 13, 2024. (Screenshot: Shin Bet)

Ronen Bar at Shin Bet’s Memorial Day Ceremony

“It’s a difficult day for every bereaved family, it’s a difficult day for every citizen, it’s a difficult day for every Shin Bet employee, it’s also a difficult day for me personally,” Bar says.

Ten members and veterans of the Shin Bet were killed since last Memorial Day, all in the October 7 attack. Bar admitted that the Shin Bet had failed to provide its vaunted security umbrella for Israel on October 7.

“We all feel the loss, the feeling that we could have prevented it, and as the head of the agency and responsible for the agency’s activities, I feel it perhaps more than anyone,” Bar continued.

He added that the Shin Bet is undertaking an “in-depth” investigation of its role in the October 7 failures.

“A painful and significant investigation. We will learn from this and correct what is required. This is our duty to the people of Israel and this is our duty to the fallen. Without the public’s trust in the state institutions and us, we have no right to exist,” Bar says.

Bar stressed that the Shin Bet’s role in the war “is not over yet.”

“We will not rest until we return all 128 hostages home, and the four who were there before. Those who are alive and those who are not. All of them. Because this is the real difference between us and them: We will sacrifice our lives for the citizens, they will sacrifice the lives of citizens for themselves,” he adds.

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8 days ago

As usual Isreal does not get their message out. They have poor PR and a leftist party that is self destructive a president that thinks he runs the country when he really has no power and a judiciary that hates Isreal They may be the most powerful military in the region but need to get out their message more professionally and louder

Biden and the Dems give aid and comfort to Hamas.
Biden and the Dems give aid and comfort to Hamas.
8 days ago

Hamas Joe is doing all he can to let Hamas survive to massacre another day. Hamas Joe is busy praising Jew hating Hamas Democrats, he’s busy ignoring Hamas Democrat Jew hate spreading across campuses nationwide, and when he does say something he quickly equivocates it with nonexistant Islamophobia to appease the Hamas Democrat voters he needs to win in certain states. Hamas Joe has sent hundreds of millions of dollars to the pali terror regime to fund pay to slay which includes paying the families of the terrorists who did Oct. 7, all in contravention of US law. Hamas Joe waives sanction and unfreezes billions of dollars for the Iranian terror regime so they could fund the massacre. Hamas Joe is the terrorist funder in chief. Hamas Joe’s admin is riddled with Hamas supporting Jew haters. Hamas Joe and his admin have spent his entire term undermining Israel on the world stage while promoting the palis instead. Hamas Joe’s State Department just put out report that said they have no evidence of any violations of international law but being that the department is riddled with anti Israel Jew haters they added that still it is highly likely they have, while Blinken the JINO scum says that Israel has violated international law even though they have no evidence of it, because they must have, all this to give fodder to the Jew haters at the UN to sanction Israel, and the ICC to issue warrants for the arrest of Israeli officials without Hamas Joe invoking the Hague Invasion Act, and to justify Hamas Joe unilaterally recognizing a pali state right before the election. Trump is right of course about any Jew who votes for Hamas Joe and co.

8 days ago

Accusing Israel of having poor PR is not helpful. When you are dealing with a world out there that hates yidden, no message, regardless how powerful is going to sway the goyim to become fans of Israel. In Belgium, for instance, any footage or pictures of teh Oct 7 atrocities have been banned so that the goyim shouldn’t see how barbaric Hamas is.