IDF Soldier Falls In Battle In Southern Gaza Strip, 4 Seriously Injured, 100 Terrorists Eliminated


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The IDF cleared for publication on Wednesday morning that Sergeant Ira Yair Gispan fell in battle in the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

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Gispan, 19, from Petah Tikva, served in the 75th Armored Battalion of the 7th Armored Brigade “Saar Mi-Golan”.

His family has been notified.

Shai Amit, one of Ira’s teachers, said that “It’s impossible to say the name Ira without smiling. I taught him in high school, he was the class’s fun guy, cute, charismatic, full of fun in a positive way. It was impossible to be angry with him, he was very admired by his friends. He dreamed of being a combat soldier and fought for it.”

On Tuesday, it was cleared for publication that three soldiers from the Paratroopers Brigade were seriously injured in battle in the northern Gaza Strip. In addition, a soldier from the Givati Brigade was seriously injured in a battle in the southern Gaza Strip.

The soldiers were evacuated for treatment at a hospital and their families were informed of their injuries.

IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari gave a special update from the Gaza strip Tuesday evening in which he said that in the past 48 hours, IDF soldiers fighting in three different locations had eliminated about 100 terrorists. Hagari added that terrorists had fired at IDF soldiers from UN installations in eastern Rafah and the IDF had notified the UN of this breach of international law.

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