Rabbi Leibel Meeting Senior IDF Officers Regarding Setting Up A Totally Charedi Brigade


    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Yoeli Brim, an army radio reporter for charedim and Jerusalem, revealed that the IDF has an operative plan for establishing a completely charedi brigade, which will include 3000 charedi combat soldiers.

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    The plan, which is due to be published soon, includes several details: 1) Those joining the brigade must commit to maintaining a charedi lifestyle 2) The commanding officers will all be religious and there will not be any females at all 3) The entire service in the IDF will only be with males, and with no interaction whatsoever with females 4) There will not be any national religious soldiers in the brigade as in the current charedi units. 5)There will be obligatory times daily for prayers. 6) The food will be under the supervision of the Badatz- Eda Charedis 7) The soldiers will be obligated to study daily Torah sessions 8) All ceremonies, events and outings will be separate and to appropriate places for charedim.

    The plan has been developed during a series of meetings between senior IDF Personnel Directorate officials, including General Yaniv Assor, head of the directorate and Operations and Planning director Shai Tabib, together with several charedi rabbis, led by Rabbi Dovid Leibel. Rabbi Leibel has succeeded in gaining the agreement of several leading Charedi rabbis.

    The IDF has reportedly agreed to all of these conditions in order to enable the establishment of the brigade. Rabbi Leibel’s close associates told Yoeli Brim that the rabbi is determined to save the Torah world, which is in danger of losing its legitimacy as well as its sources of funding, and this could seriously harm many kollel students and yeshiva students.

    In response to the report, the IDF spokesperson said that “The IDF is involved in a wide range of matters relating to strengthening its abilities in the wake of the needs arousing from the war. As part of this effort, there is considerable work being done to broaden the integration of charedim into the IDF in an optimal manner and this included meetings with many relevant officials. The stages for integration have yet to be finalized.”


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    why not allowing Dati Leumi?