SURVEY: Israelis (Wisely) Prefer Trump


(JNS) — A plurality of Israelis believe it would be better for the country if Donald Trump wins November’s U.S. presidential election, according to the Israel Democracy Institute’s April 2024 Israeli Voice Index.

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Respondents were asked: “In terms of Israel’s interests, which of the two candidates for the U.S. presidency would be better?”

Overall, 37% said a Trump presidency would be better for the Jewish state, compared to 29% for a second term for President Joe Biden. Among Jewish Israelis, 42.5% prefer Trump versus 32% for Biden. Among Arab Israelis, a large majority (68%) said there was no difference between the two, 13% preferred Trump and 14% said Biden would be better.

There were sharp divisions across the political lines, with those on the left heavily favoring Biden (9% to 78%), the center somewhat supporting him (23% to 48%) and the right heavily favoring Trump (61% to 13%).

In March, a Channel 12 survey found that 72% of respondents who voted for parties in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing coalition said they preferred Trump, while 8% chose Biden. By contrast, 55% of respondents who cast a ballot for parties in the Israeli opposition preferred Biden, compared to 23% for Trump.

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