Thieves Steal SNAP Benefits from Orthodox Jewish Shoppers


BROOKLYN (VINnews) — A disturbing identity theft scheme is being carried out at kosher (and other) grocery stores, in Brooklyn and Monsey, targeting needy families, and community members appear to be understandably rattled.

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Thieves have used “skimming” devices to steal the SNAP benefits of Williamsburg families according to Hamodia. Last week there were multiple cases reported to Shomrim.

The devices were discovered on card readers – and can detect debit or SNAP cards and PIN numbers. They send this information remotely to the scammers’ computers, where it is used to cheat families by stealing their benefits. The cards were allegedly used by the criminals to buy food.

“Store owners should check every morning to see if there are any devices on their payment terminals,” Williamsburg Shomrim Coordinator Yanky Itzkowitz told Hamodia. “They’re not invisible; if you give a once-over on the terminal, you’ll find them. If you find such devices, call police and Shomrim immediately.

“Card holders should check their balances regularly for any abnormalities, and they should change their PIN numbers frequently.”

Shomrim found devices attached to payment terminals at two locations. The same type of scheme happened in Williamsburg and Flatbush in March.

Some families reportedly lost thousands of dollars during the last string of thefts.

In addition to Brooklyn, skimming devices were discovered at two grocery stores in the Monsey area as well.

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29 days ago

always use tap
information cant be stolen via skimmers