SHOCK VIDEO: Jewish Teen Brutally Attacked at School, Bystanders Simply Watch


NEW BRUNSWICK (VINnews) — A young teenage girl was brutally attacked by another student for being Jewish.

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The victim, Shaked Tsurkan, a 14-year-old Israeli-Canadian girl in New Brunswick, told Canadian Jewish News that she was assaulted last month. The attack was captured on video, and occurred during lunch hours at a parking lot away from school grounds.

A video on social media shows a female student running up from behind, dragging Shaked to the ground and punching her repeatedly in front of bystanders. An adult can be seen standing and watching.

Shaked was left with black eyes and cuts, scratches and bruises.

She said her attacker treated her with hostility for two months. She said she was trying to avoid a confrontation with the student that day, but as she got away from her, she was accosted and threatened.

Shaked said the attacker was suspended for five days. When the student returned, Shaked was advised to use the teacher’s washroom, to stay inside the school building during the day and not to walk alone, she said.

“I want the school to know (what happened is) not OK,” she said. “(The school) is still saying it’s my fault that I went outside.”

“They’re blaming me about what happened,” she added.

A man in a silver car also tried to ram Tsurkan and her boyfriend before the attack, forcing them to “jump to the side,” she said.

Shaked’s father Eli is looking for evidence to speed up the police investigation, which he said is not moving fast enough.

“I’m not looking for punishment. I’m not looking for to be famous … to be interviewed or on TV,” he told the Canadian Jewish News Daily podcast. “I want a solution, a practical solution so my girl and other students can study in safe environment.”

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