Body Of 4th Hostage Recovered From Gaza Identified- Ron Binyamin


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — BDE: The IDF completed the identification of a fourth body recovered from Gaza. The body was identified as 53-year-old Ron Binyamin, a cyclist and father of two from Rehovot who was visiting kibbutz Beeri on Oct. 7th. Ron spoke to his daughters at 7:30 PM on Oct. 7th and told them that he was returning home after the rocket barrage from Gaza. He never made it home.

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Based on verified intelligence from the IDF and Shin Bet, Ron Binyamin was murdered during the October 7th Massacre at the Mefalsim Intersection together with Shani Louk, Yitzchak Gelernter and Amit Bouskila. Their bodies were abducted to Gaza by Hamas terrorists.

The bodies were rescued from a tunnel in Northern Gaza during a joint IDF and ISA operation, based on precise ISA intelligence obtained during the interrogations of terrorists who were apprehended in the Gaza Strip, as well as intelligence from IDF Intelligence Directorate’s Headquarters for the Hostages and Missing Persons.

Following an identification procedure carried out by medical officials at the Israeli National Forensic Institute and the Israel Police, IDF representatives notified the family of Binyamin today of his death.

“The IDF and ISA send their heartfelt condolences to the family,” a statement read. “The IDF and ISA continue, even at this time, to deploy all operational and intelligence means and to take operational risks in order to accomplish the supreme national task of bringing back all the hostages.”

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30 days ago

Hashem Yinkom Dimam! May we only hear good news!