WATCH: Dr. Phil Appears in Video Message Urging Release of Hostages


TEL AVIV (VINnews) — Dr. Phil recorded a message that was played at a rally in Tel Aviv’s Hostage Square on Motzaei Shabbos.

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“It’s been seven months since October 7 and Hamas still holds 132 hostages from 20 different countries.

Hostages being subjected to physical…and psychological torture.

This is not an Israeli issue; this is an international issue, and we need the world’s support to get all of these hostages back home. I’m waiting together with you for the return of your loved ones. The world cannot continue to progress until all of these hostages are home.

You need to know that all of us here in America have this uppermost in our mind. This is not something that is just happening halfway around the world. We understand this truly impacts everyone of us everyday.

You’re on our minds and we want this to happen for you. We love you, we care about you, and we stand unified with you each and every day as these loved ones are missing from your lives. G-d bless you and know that we’re behind you every step of the way.”

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Tsvi Kukenheim
Tsvi Kukenheim
1 month ago

Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of the State of Israel , legally chosen by the people of Israel. It is his responsibility to finish the war successfully. For this he has his Defense Minister, Gallant and Ramat Kal Halevy and two supporters Eisenkot and Gantz, former Ramat Kals. They ask Netanyahu what to do and have no programs how to conquer the-Gaza Strip themselves. Since the beginning of the war they are trying to get rid of Netanyahu and accusing him of not being able to come up with a plan what will happen after the war in Gaza. Meanwhile these four so-called experienced warriors have not given any intelligent plan to Netanyahu how to conquer the Gaza Strip and are only playing politics in order to get rid of Netanyahu. Just sickening. These people should be fired and have Ben Gwir as Defense minister to start of with.