United Hatzalah EMT Successfully Resuscitates 110-Yr-Old Woman: ‘Never Give Up Hope’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — United Hatzalah EMT Tal Ben-Yosef related this amazing save he was involved in on Monday:

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“When did you last save the life of someone who lived during World War I?

“I reached the resuscitation as first responder. A 110-year-old lady is pulseless. I ask the son if he wants a resuscitation and he ponders for a moment, asks to consult with a doctor. He calls the hotline while asking what is usually done. There isn’t a general rule but the protocol says to perform resuscitation, so I begin CPR.

“Another United Hatzalah medic arrives as well as an MDA team and an intensive care unit.

“This woman experienced two world wars, the Holocaust, the establishment of Israel ,all its wars, the seventh of October. She doesn’t give up, she’s a fighter, and after 40 minutes her pulse returns- she’s alive!

“I hope I’ll be able to give her a present for her 120th birthday.”

Tal concluded his story with some advice to fellow EMTs: “Guys, never say ‘that’s life’, never say there’s no chance, never give up hope. You have the power in your hands to save lives, use it, go out and save lives!”


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Alta Bubby
Alta Bubby
29 days ago

At least someone doesn’t give up on us, just because we are old!
Thank you

Alta Bubby
Alta Bubby
29 days ago

Keep up the great work you do!!