WATCH: Rare Footage Of IDF Drone Hitting Samaria Terrorists During Anti-Terror Operation


    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In rare IDF footage published Tuesday, a targeted elimination of four terrorists via an IDF drone can be seen. The footage was taken in the alleyways of the Nur A-Shams refugee camp near Tulkarm in central Samaria, during an IDF and border police operation against terrorists in the camp in which 14 terrorists were eliminated. One special forces police officer fell in battle with the terrorists.

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    In the footage, four terrorists can be seen preparing to enter battle with IDF troops, as they are armed to the teeth. The terrorists identified the drone and tried to shoot it down. Another drone carrying explosives was deployed above the terrorists and succeeded in eliminating them in two attacks.

    The sensitive footage leaked out online and was belatedly authorized for publication by IDF officials

    WARNING: Very Graphic Images

    IDF drone eliminates Hamas terrorists- Nur A-Shams

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    Thinking jew
    Thinking jew
    1 month ago

    Of course too lazy to post the actual video…