Charedi Soldiers Sing Arm-in-Arm at Grave of Fallen Friend (EMOTIONAL FOOTAGE)


ISRAEL (VINnews) — In a heartbreaking scene, dozens of soldiers from the Charedi Netzach Yehuda Battalion attended the levaya of their dear friend, who was killed while protecting Klal Yisrael.

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The soldiers paid deep heartfelt respects and said goodbye to Staff Sergeant Betzalel Zvi Kovach HY’D, who succumbed to wounds sustained in battle in Gaza.

The friends stood next to Betzalel’s grave on Har Herzl, and sang heartful songs. In accordance with his family’s request, he was laid to rest on Sunday in a civilian levaya, and not a military one.

Betzalel’s brother parted with him by reciting Tehillim 100, “A song of thanks.” “I believe with a whole heart, that just as one must give thanks for the good, they must give thanks for the bad,” the bereaved brother said.

He added: “Looking at it simply, it’s bad, it’s not nice, not fun, but to give thanks for a situation like this is a privilege that I won’t have a second time with Hashem’s help.”

He asked others to join him in reciting the Tehillim chapter. “So if you can, join me and I will recite the ‘Song of thanks.’ It’s complex, but we will take a deep breath without blinking,” he said and asked his brother for forgiveness.

Staff Sergeant Kovach, of the 97th Netzach Yehuda unit, fell in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza. He was injured last week and tragically died of his injuries on Sunday.

A resident of Ramot in Jerusalem, he is the tenth Charedi soldier to fall in battle in recent weeks.

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