Raichik Meets Musk


(VINnews) — It appears that Chaya Raichik (aka. Libs of Tiktok) held a meeting with Elon Musk, likely their first, after having exchanged many correspondences on Twitter.

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Raichik posted a picture of herself with Musk on Twitter, doing a thumbs up. She captioned: “Let this sink in @elonmusk”

Musk has responded to Raichik on more than one occasion. In April, Musk tweeted: “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci,” in a response to Raichik, who had posted a link to a video by the PragerU nonprofit, criticizing Dr Fauci over his response to Covid and his encouragement of people wearing masks.

Raichik applauded Musk’s tweet with fire and laughter emojis.

Raichik, an orthodox Jew, has become an outspoken social media figure who represents conservative values. Initially an anonymous Twitter account who exposed immoral teachers and others who posted disgusting videos on Tiktok, Raichik has expanded her repertoire and has become an influential force.

She met with Trump at Mar-a-lago, has been interviewed by Tucker Carlson, and has “bumped into” AOC in the Capitol, confronting her with tough questions, which the socialist squad member ducked away from and fled.

In response to the picture of Musk and Raichik, one Twitter user replied: “This photo is literally going to be on the dartboard of the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. offices tomorrow.”

Raichik responded: Hopefully they at least post videos to X

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22 days ago

Young and Powerful!!

21 days ago

Hey Chaya! Maybe ask Elon about implementing filters for Tesla

21 days ago

Libbs, What are you gonna do with your life if they ban TICTOK?