Fatima Mohammed Threatens Orthodox Rabbi with Libel Suit


(VINnews) — Fatima Mohammed, the law school graduate who delivered a viciously antisemitic graduation speech last year, is now threatening Rabbi Yaakov Menken, managing director of the Coalition for Jewish Values, with a libel suit for calling her out on X, the social media platform previously named Twitter. This comes after Mohammed called for an “escalation” and libeled Israel as a “genocidal cult project;” Rabbi Menken responded that this merely adds “hypocrite” to the labels appropriate for Mohammed.

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Mohammed was selected last year to deliver a commencement address at her CUNY Law School graduation. She delivered a speech so vile in its slander of Israel and Jews that it was condemned not only by school administrators, but by NYC Mayor Eric Adams and numerous DC legislators on both sides of the aisle. The NY Post described her as “Stark Raving Grad” in a front page headline.

More recently, Mohammed spoke to a group in Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, and demanded her audience “escalate” the war here in America. As reported here previously, askan Joel Petlin posted to X that “Fatima Mohammed is calling for ‘an escalation’ against Jews, just like she did in her CUNY Law School graduation speech. When people tell you who they are, they shouldn’t be allowed to practice law.”

“I’m going to hold your hand as I say this”, Mohammed answered, but “the age of falsely screaming antisemitism when people condemn your genocidal cult project are long gone. you’re going to have to get more creative.” She was clearly responding to dismissal of her Zuccotti Park audience as a “cult,” and protecting Hamas, the genocidal terror organization that Israel is now working to eradicate.

In support of Petlin, Rabbi Menken posted to Mohammed:

Two things we know: 1, finding a pretense to blame the Jews for being hated is a classic tactic of the antisemite.

And 2, it is always used to justify genocide. A genocidal rapist and axe murderer like you belongs nowhere in the courtroom, except the defendant’s table.

Mohammed, clearly rankled, first posted “google libel real quick yaakov” [sic] and then responded to a follower by saying, regarding Rabbi Menken, that “common sense isn’t his strongest suit but neither will his defense argument be,” clearly implying a threat of legal action.

In a statement to media, Rabbi Menken said that he was unintimidated. “I will win because telling the truth is not libel,” he wrote, adding that “the only thing she can do still dumber than threatening me with a libel suit would be to follow through.“

Responding to an inquiry from VIN, Rabbi Menken explained why he believed that denouncing Mohammed as a “genocidal rapist and axe murderer” was not libelous, but entirely accurate:

“Students for Justice in Palestine issued an elaborate “toolkit” roughly 36 hours after the massacre in Israel, leaving observers wondering what they knew in advance. It claimed that its members were part of the Hamas massacre it called Al-Aqsa flood; not merely in “solidarity.”

As a matter of law, the getaway driver in a robbery at which a person was killed can be convicted of murder, although the homicide was unplanned and the driver played no part in it. Here, by contrast, the barbaric acts were part and parcel of the vile “operation.” Every member of Hamas knew what the organization aimed to do that day, and participated directly in all of its crimes, regardless of which terrorists did each individual one. And SJP declared, retroactively, that they were part of it too.

Thus Mohammed, along with every other SJP member, was described by SJP itself to be a rapist, an axe murderer, a burner of babies, a beheader of innocents, a kidnapper, and more. She did not disavow her affiliation and leadership within SJP, and I would say that proves my case.”

There has been no further response from Mohammed at press time, however VIN will provide an update as necessary.


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1 month ago

she clearly has blinders on and can only see what her hate has falsely exposed her to. SO Sad

1 month ago

Fat-Ima should go on a diet until she fades into oblivion