Hamas Publishes Voice Clip Of Noa Argamani: ‘Save Us, Time Is Running Out’


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In another attempt to use psychological pressure against the Israeli public, Hamas terrorists published a voice clip of Noa Argamani, one of the hostages being held by Hamas and who appeared in previous video clips. Noa was abducted from the Nova party and her iconic picture aboard a Hamas motorbike was published by major news outlets.

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In the current clip, Noa is not visible, leading to speculation that she might be pregnant or have suffered some other disfiguration in captivity. In a clearly scripted monologue, Noa appeals to the people of Israel not to follow their government, including Gallant, Gantz and Netanyahu but rather to go out to the streets of Tel Aviv and demand the release of all the hostages. She says she has been a hostage for “more than 237 days” implying that the clip was made in the last few days.


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1 month ago

Heartbreaking. Savage Hamas must be wiped out.