POLITICAL HOCK: This is a Dark Day for America


NEW YORK (VIN Podcast) — President Trump is now a convicted felon. He was found guilty by a biased jury, guided by a leftist judge who is a Biden donor, and prosecuted by a Soros-backed DA.

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Anyone who followed the trial knows that these charges were completely bogus. Fabricated. Manufactured. Made up from thin air.

All Trump did was label the payments he made to a lawyer as “LEGAL EXPENSES”.

There are no words to properly describe the level of travesty and corruption. This trial makes the Soviet Union look like a picnic.

Listen to Yaakov M’s full analysis:


Biden’s $320 million Gaza Pier, built to deliver supplies to terrorists, collapses after a few weeks.

CLIP: President Biden tells blacks that Trump wants to spray them with tear gas

CLIP: CBS anchor tells Pete Buttigieg that Trump “is not wrong” when he says that nobody wants electric vehicles.

It is confirmed, Israel was not responsible for killing civilians in the Rafah strike. It was all Hamas.

Biden is pressuring Britain and France to NOT confront Iran about its nukes.


Yaakov M is the Charedi Sean Hannity. He’s a little nuts and often right. 

His columns have been featured in Newsmax. He’s hosted a podcast for 15 years, studied in Kollel 14 years, was a Bais Medrash Rebbi over a decade, and obtained semicha from a top Rosh Yeshiva. (Opinions do not necessarily reflect Daas Torah, though they try their best.)

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1 month ago

Thank you, Yaakov.

amil zola
amil zola
1 month ago

I read the transcripts did you? Guilty is guilty 34 counts. The intent to influence election results is what elevates this issue.