‘Heartbreaking’: Jake Turx Relentlessly Searching for Jewish Man Kidnapped Decades Ago (VIDEO)


(VINnews) — For over a year, Ami Magazine journalist Jake Turx has been deeply involved in a search for a missing Jew. Vugar Ben Avraham Mikhailov is a 19-year-old Jewish Azerbaijani boy who was abducted by Armenians in the Füzuli region of Karabakh 31 years ago.

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On a visit to Azerbaijan, a place where Turx has visited before, the Chassidic White House correspondent posted a video and tweeted an update about his search.

Turx wrote:

“It’s been 14 months since I discovered the untold, heartbreaking account of Vugar Ben Avraham Mikhailov, a 19-year-old Jewish Azerbaijani boy who was abducted by Armenians in the Füzuli region of Karabakh.

Based on various sources, documents, and eyewitness accounts, I have tracked Vugar’s captivity across Karabakh – from a detention center in Seyidahmadli, to a prison in Khankendi, and a labor brigade in Shusha – areas that were controlled by separatists until recently.

Vugar’s last observed location was the remote mountain village of Chartaz, where he was one of an unknown number of Azerbaijani captives reportedly forced into slavery.

Although Azerbaijan regained control of the entire Karabakh region eight months ago, the pervasive presence of minefields, booby traps, and unexploded ordnance made it impossible to conduct a search for Vugar.

Last week, for the first time, my team and I were granted unfettered access to otherwise inaccessible areas. We have been mounting an ambitious and aggressive search for clues, information, and evidence about the whereabouts of Vugar, who turned 50 earlier this year.

Even though it’s been thirty-one years since Vugar vanished, his family still believes he is alive. So next time you pray for the hostages in Gaza, please add the name of one more missing hostage: VUGAR BEN NINA.

Anyone with information or potential leads is encouraged to shoot me a DM.

Our search has only just begun.”

One Twitter user accused Turx of being paid off by the ‘Azeris’ to conduct the search and publicize the abduction.

Turx replied: “Heh, I wish. I’ve actually been investing some of my own money into this project. A Jewish person doesn’t need any incentive when it comes to the liberation of a fellow Jew, even a total stranger, from anywhere on the planet.”

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