WATCH: NYPD Officer Wearing Israeli Flag is Harassed by Protesters at Israel Parade


NEW YORK CITY (VINnews) — In the video below, an apparently Jewish NYPD officer named Goldstein is seen wearing a pin with an Israeli and American flag.

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In the background, pro-Palestinian protesters can apparently be heard taunting and harassing Officer Goldstein. The officer did not flinch or lose his cool in any way. He, along with his fellow members of New York’s Finest, simply ignored the protesters and remained cool and professional.

Thankfully, despite high tensions this year, there were no unusual security incidents at the event.

NYPD officials employed measures typically used for high-profile events such as New Year’s Eve and July 4. That included drones, K-9 units, bike patrols, fencing and barriers and designated entry points for spectators along the parade route. Backpacks, large bags and coolers were prohibited, and spectators had to pass through metal detectors.

Police did not report any parade-related arrests by late Sunday afternoon.

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1 month ago

With all due appreciation, the cop next to him is equally free to show up with a Palestinian emblem. What then?

Noble Member
1 month ago

Thank you NYPD!