Why The Badly Injured IDF Officer Asked For Tefillin


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — An IDF officer in the charedi Netzach Yehuda battalion led a task force into the Jabalya neighborhood in Gaza last week. The officer was very badly injured in exchanges of fire with terrorists and rushed to the Tel Hashomer ICU for critical surgery.

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After several operations, the officer is slowly recuperating. A soldier came to visit him and he asked that he place Tefillin on him. (Currently he can only wear Tefillin Shel Rosh). The soldier said that “I merited being by his side and placing Tefillin on him as he said Birkos HaShachar and Krias Shma by heart.

The officer then told the soldier that throughout his life he has always had in his mind the picture of the old Jew who is wearing Tefillin while the Nazis surround him and hit him. “So how could I give up on this Mitzvah?” he added.

Tefillin After 72 Years - Chabad.org

The officer is still in hospital and requires prayers. His name is Nachshon Ben Malka Bracha.


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