WATCH: IDF Chief — Who Supports Charedi Draft — Visits and Praises Charedi Soldiers


NORTHERN ISRAEL (VINnews) — The IDF Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi, visited and addressed Charedi soldiers serving in Northern Israel on Wednesday. Although  Halevi showered praise on the Charedi Battalion, he apparently used the opportunity as political propaganda to pressure the Charedi community at large to join the IDF.

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At one point he told them that the IDF needs more combat soldiers…and “it is possible to be a Charedi combat soldier, both to study and to protect the country.” Halevi called them “pioneers” and “Charedi warriors.”

The Chief of Staff met with and addressed the Netzach Yehuda (97th) Battalion of the Kfir Brigade in Northern Israel, together with Division Commander BG Avi Rosenfeld and Northern Brigade Commander Col. Chaim Cohen.

The full remarks captured on video were: “I want to speak to you about two missions, the first mission is the defense of the communities here, and you have communities that are nearby, you have a city that is nearby. You have the great responsibility of defending the border area, protecting the very stable security area so the enemy won’t enter it, so it won’t pass it, so it won’t approach the fence, and to know how to react quickly, with determination and professionalism, when there is an infiltration attempt, and not to let the enemy infiltrate and to provide the residents here with a lot of security.”

He added. “The IDF today needs more combat soldiers, we want you to show that it is possible to be a Charedi combat soldier, both to study and to protect the country. Continue doing good, both protecting the residents here and also being pioneers – Charedi warriors, each one as they see themselves. We will strengthen the battalion and we’ll see that you will always be doing more, getting stronger, and proving that this is the correct path.”

It should be noted that Halevi has been opposed to the exemption of Charedim from serving in the military.

In March, the Jerusalem Post reported the following:

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi…slammed the exemption of Charedim from IDF and national service for the second consecutive day.

Speaking at the graduation of the IDF officer course in the South, Halevi said that broadening the sectors of Israel’s population that serve in the IDF and national service is the only way to replace the many Israeli soldiers who have died in the current war.

Further, he said that Israel as a country and the IDF as an organization would only remain united if all of the sectors of Israel’s population become part of the IDF and national service – clearly referring to a need to draft haredim.


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WOW!! Impressive!!! But what is it trying to target??