WATCH: First Pictures And Clips Of Hostages Meeting Their Families In Israel


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The amazing rescue of four hostages from the heart of Gaza on Saturday morning was an incredible logistic operation which required daring, innovation and tremendous courage from all participants. The stunned hostages, who could not believe the IDF had reached them, were rescued from two locations under heavy fire, and taken to a nearby helicopter which whisked them to Israel.

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Unfortunately heartache awaited one of the released hostages. 20-year-old Almog Meir Jan was hoping to meet his father, but IDF representatives who came to tell the father the news of his son’s rescue found him lifeless, having passed away during the night. Meir met his mother in an emotional reunion:


Almog with his unbelieving mother

Noa Argamani, whose rescue went smoothly, was winched by helicopter from near the Gaza beach to Israel.

Arriving in Israel, she was reunited with her father and embraced him warmly.

She was then taken to visit her mother Liora who is suffering from stage 4 cancer and who had expressed a wish to see her daughter before she dies.

Andrei Kuzolov, an immigrant from Russia, was reunited with his mother and with girlfriend Jenny


Andrei with family members

Shlomi Ziv was reunited with his wife,children and relatives who had campaigned for his release. In the following clip he talked for the first time with his wife. Shlomi asked about a relative named Aviv who was also at the Nova festival and was murdered. His wife told him that “We’ll talk later about Aviv.”


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