Trial set to begin for accused killer of Samantha Woll

Samantha Woll, president of the board at the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue poses for a photo in Detroit, Oct. 13, 2022. Samantha Woll, a Detroit synagogue president was found stabbed to death outside her home Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023 police said. The motive wasn't known. (David Guralnick/Detroit News via AP)

(JNS) — A Detroit man alleged to have stabbed to death a well-known Jewish community leader in Michigan on Oct. 21 will soon face a judge and jury.

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The prosecution begins on June 10 against Michael Jackson-Bolanos, 28, who is charged with the first-degree murder of 40-year-old Samantha Woll, first-degree home invasion and lying to the police.

From the beginning of the investigation, law enforcement has asserted that the crimes against Woll did not involve antisemitism. Woll served as president of the board of directors for Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue in Detroit.

Evidence presented at a preliminary hearing in January included multiple security videos that prosecutors say link Jackson-Bolanos to the crimes. The defense disputes that the footage depicts their client.

A North Face jacket with blood stains that was discovered in the suspect’s apartment provided another vital clue for investigators. Forensic analysts determined the blood belonged to Woll, and prosecutors claim that the jacket appears on the security video.

Jackson-Bolanos denies all charges against him. He could receive a life sentence if convicted.

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Educated Archy
Educated Archy
9 days ago

What was the motive ?

8 days ago

The motive? Being a low intellect animal with no impulse control I would think. That and being raised by a crack addict mother no father and being told that he deserves everything everyone else has without working a day for it because he is a protected class Any other motive you can think of???