Massive Turnout of Pro-Israel Marchers in Canada; Neturei Karta Protesters Burn Israeli Flag (VIDEO)


TORONTO (VINnews) — A massive, record-breaking number of marchers came out on Sunday, as tens of thousands participated in the annual UJA “Walk with Israel” in Canada. It was the largest number of participants in the event’s 55 year history.

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Participants included former Israeli hostages, their family members, survivors from Kibbutz Be’eri and others affected by October 7th.

There was a small vicious group of pro-Hamas protesters, however police and even some marchers successfully kept them  away, and they were unable to disrupt the festivities, despite their best efforts.

March participants waved Israeli flags and carried posters of hostages. The UJA estimated that 50,000 people participated.

The march had a strong police presence and private security personnel, with a large stretch of Bathurst Street blocked off. Marchers encountered two groups of protesters within the first hour of the walk, with police using buses to obstruct demonstrators’ view of the event.

Toronto Police said on X that it has arrested six people. Dueling chants of “free, free Palestine” and “bring them home” could be heard at the corner of Bathurst Street and Sheppard Avenue and some heated exchanges occurred. Police officers formed barriers between the two groups and intervened in confrontations.

Toronto police officers were described as “pigs” for using excessive force in securing the event and arresting a number of pro-Palestinian Arab activists who confronted the officers.

In addition, there was a small contingent of Neturei Karta members, who burned the Israeli flag.

Below are multiple videos posted on social media:

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8 days ago

Neturei Karta will get up to shomayim and Hashem will spit in their faces and say “you don’t deserve to be here for what you did to My children.”

Sy A. Nora
Sy A. Nora
9 days ago

What a pity…..there are so many sonei yisroel in this world, and yet some of our own people add their voices to those who want to kill us.

NK are evil murderer supporters.
NK are evil murderer supporters.
8 days ago

NK are mechalllel Shabbos to march with hamas sympathizers in support of the murder of Jews.