Terrorists Set Fire To Caravan In Binyamin Farm – But Occupants Were Not There


    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Two armed terrorists from a village in Binyamin infiltrated the Sde Efraim farm intent on murdering the inhabitants of the lone caravan. Fortunately, the occupants – a couple celebrating their Sheva Barachot – had decided not to return home that night and were saved. In their rage, the terrorists set fire to the caravan. Firefighters from the Binyamin Fire Station arrived on scene and worked overnight to extinguish the fire.

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    The firefighters reported that they identified via surveillance cameras the two armed terrorists who had ignited the blaze. Despite the threat, the firefighters worked to put out the flames and to ensure that no one was trapped in the structure.

    Assistant Battalion Chief Sela Sapir recounted: “We received a report of a fire at the Sde Efraim farm in Binyamin. Upon arriving at the scene, we saw a residential structure on fire. We worked at the scene to extinguish the fire under military protection, due to a suspected terrorist infiltration in the farm.”

    Battalion Chief Eliran Tzruya, the Judea and Samaria District investigations officer, added: “A video from the scene of the incident shows an arsonist pouring gasoline on the building and lighting the fire, and the flames engulfing the entire building.”

    The Sde Efraim farm is situated in a strategic location near Talmon and is designed to keep the territory around Talmon and surrounding communities from being taken over by Arab farmers.

    Binyamin regional head Yisrael Gantz said that “We have been warning for a long time of the dangers from villages in this sector which repeatedly attack and present a significant security threat to the state of Israel. If we wish to prevent the next attack, the IDF must operate in the village where the terrorists came from and protect the region and the entire country. We will act to make Sde Efraim a large community.”



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    8 days ago

    An eye for an eye. Deterrence must be reestablished.