Florida Congressional Candidate Bryan Leib Voices Support for School Choice and Parental Rights


FLORIDA (VINnews) — In a post to X on Monday, Republican Congressional Candidate Bryan E. Leib for Florida’s 25th Congressional District voiced his strong support for school choice and parental rights. Bryan calls for the increase of scholarships, vouchers and tax credits for American families.

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As VIN readers know all too well, costs to educate Jewish children is rising to exorbitant levels all around the country. Bryan’s proposal to increase tax credits for education will ultimately result in Jewish families in South Florida and around the nation saving more money each year.

The statement reads:

“Every parent in America should have the choice and opportunity to send their children to the best school no matter the costs or barriers to entry. Parents should be the ultimate decision maker regarding the future of their children, not woke teachers and administrators that seek to indoctrinate our children with their perverse and radical viewpoints.

I am proud to support good public schools, charter schools, private schools, and home education. We should increase scholarships, vouchers and tax credits for American families so they can use their tax dollars to send their children to the best school possible.”

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