Fetterman Heading to Israel?


(VINnews) — According to a report citing multiple sources, Democrat Senator John Fetterman of PA is planning a trip to Israel next week.

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Congressional reporter Emily Jacobs posted the following tweet on Friday:

“NEW: Three sources confirm to @J_Insider that Sen. Fetterman will visit Israel next week.. The trip will mark his first time traveling internationally since assuming office last January and his first major trip since his 2022 stroke.”

Jacobs tagged the Jewish Insider, one of the outlets she writes for, as quoting three separate sources who confirmed the report.

To say that Fetterman has been a staunch Israel supporter would be a massive understatement. Despite being a leftist in a party filled with Israel critics and even some blatant antisemites, Fetterman has defended Israel repeatedly, and condemned Hamas.

He has taken major flack and abuse due to his views, however he refuses to back down. Soon after October 7, posted pictures of every Israel hostage outside his office. In November he mocked pro-Hamas protesters by waving Israeli flags at them, as they are being handcuffed.

In January, pro-Hamas demonstrators showed up outside his apartment building to protest his commitment to Israel — and someone who appeared to be Fetterman was on the roof, tirelessly waving a large Israeli flag.

Fetterman has confronted and ridiculed anti-Israel protesters in the past, with protesters showing up outside of his office and fellow Democrats criticizing his pro-Israel stance.

“I would be the last man standing to be absolutely there on the Israeli side on this with no conditions,” said Fetterman in December.

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25 days ago

I hope they give him a hero’s welcome!

Noble Member
26 days ago

His wife is gentile, but his mother may actually be Jewish:

Robert Goldman
Robert Goldman
24 days ago

It’s too hot for a hoodie. So what’s he gonna do?
Just sayin..