Two IDF Reserve Soldiers Fall In Central Gaza, 3 Seriously Injured


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — BDE: The IDF announced the names of two reserve soldiers who fell in battle on Thursday near Netzarim in the central Gaza strip. Three other reservists were seriously injured in the incident.

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The soldiers were patrolling by foot on the Netzarim road (near the refugee camp of Nusseirat) when they were attacked by mortar fire by Hamas terrorists nearby. The soldiers returned fire but suffered casualties in the firefight.

  • Sergeant First Class (Res.) Saadia Yaakov Deri

Sergeant Deri was photographed during morning prayers in Gaza hours before he was killed in a mortar attack. The photograph is the last image of Saadia alive.

The photograph shows Saadia wearing a talit and tefillin.

סעדיה דרעי בעזה

Saadia, 27, lived in Tel Aviv. He was a student at the Yaffo Yeshiva, married, and the father of two children aged two and one.

Laly, Saadia’s mother, said, “My Saadia was a child who prioritized everyone’s wishes before his own. He did much more than expected of him in every field. He was a talented student, was studying for rabbinic exams, and had also started his bachelor’s degree in teaching. He studied every free minute and had a great sense of humor. He was an amazing father to Haleli and Yinon. He was a hero in body and soul and never complained. On October 7th, he was with us when he was called for duty. Saadia loved this people, loved the Torah and the land, and fought for it,” the mother eulogized.

She addressed Israel’s leaders directly: “Since the beginning of the war, I was silent; now I have an obligation not to be silent. I will not allow the enormous sacrifice we made and my fallen son to be in vain. In Saadia’s name, we demand victory and total defeat of the enemy. My son didn’t fall for the sake of a diplomatic arrangement but for a complete victory over the enemy.”

Sergeant First Class (Res.) Omer Smadga, 25, from Ganot Hadar, was also killed in the same attack in which Saadia was killed.

The two soldiers served in the 9203rd Battalion, the 3rd “Alexandroni” Brigade.

Omer Smadga is the son of Oren Smadga, the head coach of the Israel men’s judo team and a former Olympic medalist. Smadga is scheduled to go next month with the men’s judo team to the Olympics in Paris.

May their blood be avenged.




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The whole tooth
The whole tooth
23 days ago

Hashem is reminding us how vulnerable we are without His protection.

23 days ago

At this rate there will be 1,000 dead by January andvtgsr before the hezbollah war all because bibi wants to appease Biden

23 days ago

To Lavrenty : I have already posted my opinion , that Netanyahu should get immediately replaced by Smotrich & Ben Gvir .