Sderot Residents Present Children Born During Swords Of Iron Campaign


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — In an attempt to cheer up residents of the terror-hit city of Sderot, families from the town presented their babies born during the course of the current war. The event, sponsored by the local municipality and culture services was full of joy and excitement, as families who had only lately returned to their homes celebrated the new life born in this challenging period.

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During the event, the babies received special shirts with the caption “Iron babies”. The parents and children enjoyed various activities and the atmosphere was festive and full of hope for a better future.

Sderot mayor Alon Davidi spoke to the gathering and said that “These children are an expression of our permanence as a nation in its own land. We will continue to grow, to deepen our roots and to build the future of this country with the children of today. This event is an opportunity for residents to connect, to strengthen the sense of community and express their hope for a better future. Residents of Sderot have shown once again their resilience and determination to continue to rebuild their lives, to celebrate new births as a symbol of the victory of life over all tribulations.”


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Esther in LA
Esther in LA
23 days ago

BH! Ken yirbu!